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2014.04.14 CM Article: Prevention of cognitive distortions in planning  by Christian Fischbach (for members only)

2014.04.08 Controlling in best companies in Serbia

2014.04.04 80 wishes for the 80th birthday!

2014.03.27 Value Paper of the IGC and the ICV in the Italian language!

2014.03.26 Don't forget: application deadline for Newcomer Award is April 30!

2014.03.22 Value Paper of the ICV and the IGC in Romanian

2014.03.21 8th International Controller Congress - Congress Report

2014.03.21 Agenda of the international meeting of the WG Poznań – Berlin Brandenburg

2014.03.10 CM Article: Working abroad as Financial Controller for the Airbus Group in Toulouse, France – Finance Controlling at a glance

2014.03.09 CM Article: Controlling in a volatile environment

2014.03.08 Last chance to take part in the international congress in Poland

2014.03.01 International Conference Controlling in SMEs – beyond numbers

2014.02.28 EMCSR European Meetings on Cybernetics and Systems Research coming up

2014.02.28 Press release 3/2014: Continued deficits in strategic planning and forecasting

2014.02.24 We’re looking for 80 wishes for a round birthday!

2014.02.23 Management reporting in Serbia

2014.02.21 Quarterly Ideenwerkstatt December 2013 translated into English

2014.02.19 Controlling – Newcomer Award 2014

2014.02.16 ICV Board - Board of Trustees Meeting

2014.02.13 Press release 2/2014: Controlling has never been as important and as challenging as today

2014.02.12 Budgeting as Frankenstein

2014.02.11 CM Article: Compliance Reporting - An Instrument for Corporate Steering?

2014.02.09 CIA 2014: Challenge Volatility - towards an adaptive Controlling

2014.02.05 Invitation to Controlling Innovation Berlin 2014

2014.01.31 WG Poznań, Poland meets with Dr. Herwig Friedag as expert

2014.01.28 Dr. Hendrik Vater delivers the first speech at the International Congress in Poland

2014.01.22 Entry Deadline for International Controller Award 2014 is February, 28!

2014.01.16 Press release 1/2014: Economy trend survey 2014: In the new year with self confidence and optimism

2014.01.11 The next international meeting of the WG Poznań – Berlin Brandenburg

2014.01.09 CIA 2014 - invitation to the International Controller Congress in Poland (Congress in English) - agenda of the Congress

2013.12.20 Soft Skills for Controllers

2013.12.11 Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH and Volkswagen AG win award

2013.12.09 Green Controlling @ Hansgrohe – Sustainability in the spotlight by Siegfried Gӓnβlen and Patricia Frey (for members only)

2013.12.08 Meeting of the work group Poznań

2013.12.04 CIA 2014 - invitation to the International Controller Congress in Poland (Congress in English)

2013.12.03 ICV Bulletin December 2013 (for members only)

2013.12.02 ICV-Senior Management Conference

2013.11.29 CM-article: Business in “insignificant" markets" (for members only)

2013.11.29 28th meeting of the WG Slovenia

2013.11.28 Value Paper of the ICV and the IGC in Slovenian

2013.11.27 Three academies – all of them with their own brand new Websites

2013.11.14 International Controller Award 2014 - entry deadline is February 28, 2014!

2013.11.13 Quarterly Ideenwerkstatt - English version

2013.11.11 1st International Controlling Conference in Croatia (1st ICCC) held in Zagreb

2013.11.08 Controlling Magazine Poland

2013.11.05 Psycho - logic in Controlling

2013.11.03 Controlling North German - at full speed ahead!

2013.11.01 10th Controlling Workshop

2013.10.30 China needs more Controlling! – First Chinese-German Controlling Conference in Shanghai

2013.10.29 Controllers help managers to unleash valuable resources

2013.10.28 13. ACC Adriatic Controlling Conference - report

2013.10.23 1. International Controller Conference in Croatia is coming up!

2013.10.19 Work group UK meets on November 21-22, 2013

2013.10.13 The dates of the ICV 2014 events online

2013.10.10 Report from the Polish-Russian ICV Conference

2013.10.05 Controlling - Newcomer Award 2013 given

2013.09.26 Value Paper of the ICV and the IGC in Croatian

2013.09.25 The ICV was partner of the BI Energy Congress

2013.09.19 Do we still need controllers in the future? 7th WHU-Campus for Controlling

2013.09.17 Details of the 13th ICV Adriatic Controlling Conference

2013.09.17 One page reporting in Warsaw

2013.09.14 1st Polish-Russian ICV Conference

2013.09.09 Policy paper also in Serbian

2013.07.31 The essence of Controlling – The perspective of ICV and IGC - available in nine languages

2013.07.21 Media partnership with a German portal Wirtschaftswoche Green

2013.07.17 ICV Bulletin July 2013

2013.07.15 The essence of Controlling – The perspective of ICV and IGC - now also in Hungarian

2013.07.14 Slovenia: 13th Adriatic ICV Controlling Conference

2013.07.09 Kaliningrad Conference - a success!

2013.07.06 To design controlling to withstand volatility!
Dream Car of the “Ideenwerkstatt” at the ICV 2013

2013.07.02 A successfull congress in Barcelona

2013.06.30 1st International Controller Congress in Croatia

2013.06.20 How Microsoft Can Assist Controllers

2013.06.19 The baby is born - 1st Convention in Serbia

2013.06.08 Company membership more and more popular

2013.06.04 Green Controlling Award of the Péter Horváth-Stiftung 2013

2013.06.04 International Controller Award 2014

2013.05.25 News from the ICV Office

2013.05.19 A successful second meeting of the work group United Kingdom

2013.05.07 Lufthansa AG receives ControllerPreis 2013

2013.05.07 The 3rd meeting of the Polish-German Work Group

2013.05.06 The program of the V Catalan Congress in Barcelona

2013.04.30 „Orientation on the future is important for the controlling acceptance in the high-speed-economy" - 38th Controller Congress

2013.04.25 ICV Congress Report - Poznan 2013

2013.04.24 The essence of Controlling – The perspective of ICV and IGC

2013.04.20 7th CIA in Poznan

2013.04.07 10 days to the 7th International Controller Congress in Poland

2013.03.25 1st MCB Controlling Academy completed

2013.03.18 ICV Bulletin March 2013 available

2013.03.14 Work group United Kingdom meets on 25-26 April 2013

2013.03.12 Controlling Newcomer Award 2013

2013.03.10 Art at the 7th International Controller Congress in Poland

2013.03.10 LOT Polish Airlines - official carrier of the 7th International Controller Congress in Poland

2013.03.04 Invitation to the VII International Controller Congress in Poland

2013.03.02 Changing financial structure in German small and medium-sized companies

2013.02.24 Dr. Herwig Friedag resigns from his office as the Head of the PR Committee

2013.02.24 The new address of the Office in Munich

2013.02.12 “Higher efficiency – a new task of a Controller” – CIA 2013, Poland

2012.02.12 Successful internationalisation: China

2013.02.10 1st ICV Controller Convention in Serbia

2013.02.10 "SAP & Controlling" - a meeting in Serbia

2013.02.03 V. Catalan Congress on Accounting and Management

2013.01.26 Work Group Bosna and Herzegovina plans its next meeting

2013.01.15 Next round of the CMS-workshop

2013.01.13 President of the “Club of Controllers” in Russia reelected

2013.01.12 Last days left to submit best controlling sollutions

2012.12.20 ICV Bulletin December 2012

2012.12.14 Green-Controlling Award 2012 goes to Hansgrohe SE

2012.12.11 Prof. Jürgen Weber supports the Team of the Ideas Workshop

2012.12.08 ICV Congresses 2013

2012.12.03 ICV-Top Management Conference

2012.11.22 The ICV Statement Modern Budgeting is now online

2012.11.20 Controlling in public organizations

2012.11.14 Operations Efficiency Radar 2013

2012.11.12 Controlling Newcomer Award 2012 for FH Joanneum Kapfenberg’s  graduate student

2012.11.06 The Conference in Slovenia gathered more than 140 participants!

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Welcome to the International Controllers Association ICV!

After the 8th International Controller Congress, Poland!

perspective The current state of the understanding of controlling and role of a controller was formulated by the International Controller Association (ICV) and the International Group of Controlling (IGC) a policy paper and was presented on the evening before the 38th Controller Congress in April 2013 in Munich. Controlling is an important factor of company’s success in German speaking countries, says the policy paper. Simultaneously there are a lot of uncertainties what’s the heart of controlling. The goal of the project is to formulate the current state of the understanding of controlling and role of a controller as a policy paper of the ICV and the IGC.
You can download the article in many languages:

gogreenControllers are often responsible for the long-term strategy of the company. What's important for sustainable ecological activities and sustainable "green" controlling? We think you might be interested in the work of the ICV expert group Green Controlling (DE). We would like to recommend you taking part in the competition for GreenControlling Award that Péter Horváth-Stiftung in cooperation with the International Controller Association offers. More here. You can submit your sollution by August 31, 2013.

Networking as well as collecting and sharing ideas in controlling are the major topics of the ICV. There are several possibilities to get together with our international community. Apart from joining one of the local work-groups you can be a guest at the regional conferences and congresses. We invite you to have a look around and contact us, if you have any questions.

And if you are a Head of a Work Group - please look into the List of International Experts of the ICV. Feel free to invite the Experts for your meetings! See the whole list here. If you are interested, please contact Anna Włodarczyk: or +48 61 853 20 10

The Internationaler Controller Verein e.V. (ICV) [International Controller Association] has more than 6,000 members, mainly from the German-speaking area. They perform practical controlling in small and medium-sized as well as in large-scale enterprises.

The association was established in 1975. It is a meeting platform for controllers, popularises the philosophy and use of controlling, promotes exchange of experiences and enables its members to increase professional qualifications. It acts as a representative body and serves as a model of managerial and operational competence represented by members of the association in relations with the public. The exchange of experiences and communication among the members as well as focusing on the future-oriented issues constitute essential objectives of the association’s strategy.

Contribution margin

The contribution margin may be defined as the surplus of net revenue over the costs clearly entailed without allocating structure costs using a key.

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You want to learn more about controlling and the specifications? Or you want to share your knowledge? Welcome to the ICV-ControllingWiki, the expert platform for controllers. Here you can find articles and definitions, checkey by independent controlling-professionals. Have a look at our English ControllingWiki here (it is also available in German and in Polish).

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